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Recommended Coursework

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Physical Gas Dynamics (ME 362A)

Autumn quarter

Concepts and techniques for description of high-temperature and chemically reacting gases from a molecular point of view. Introductory kinetic theory, chemical thermodynamics, and statistical mechanics as applied to properties of gases and gas mixtures. Transport and thermodynamic properties, law of mass action, and equilibrium chemical composition. Maxwellian and Boltzmann distributions of velocity and molecular energy. Examples and applications from areas of current interest such as combustion and materials processing.

Optical Diagnostics and Spectroscopy (ME 364)

Winter quarter (alternating years)

The spectroscopy of gases and laser-based diagnostic techniques for measurements of species concentrations, temperature, density, and other flow field properties. Topics: electronic, vibrational, and rotational transitions; spectral lineshapes and broadening mechanisms; absorption, fluorescence, Rayleigh and Raman scattering methods; collisional quenching. Prerequisite: 362A or equivalent.

Nonequilibrium Processes in High-Temperature Gases (ME 362B)

Winter quarter (alternating years)

Chemical kinetics and energy transfer in high-temperature gases. Collision theory, transition state theory, and unimolecular reaction theory. Prerequisite: 362A or consent of instructor.

Optical Diagnostics and Spectroscopy Laboratory (ME 367)

Spring quarter

Principles, procedures, and instrumentation associated with optical measurements in gases and plasma. Absorption, fluorescence and emission, and light-scattering methods. Measurements of temperature, species concentration, and molecular properties. Lab. Enrollment limited to 16. Prerequisite: ME 362A or ME 364.