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Laser Systems

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The Hanson Research Group’s advanced laser systems cover a wide range of wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the far-infrared.

The ultraviolet laser systems target strong electronic transitions unreachable by common visible and infrared lasers, expanding the range of our temperature and species measurement capabilities. On the other end, the broadband infrared laser systems access the strong rovibrational bands of many common molecules of interest.


The M-Squared SOLSTIS laser is a modular, tunable, continuous-wave (CW) system that can emit high power laser light in the near-IR (700–1000 nm), visible (446–458 nm), and ultraviolet (223–229 nm, 305 nm, 380 nm) regimes to target electronic transitions in gas species. The system is used to track temperatures and concentrations of diatomics (OH*, NO, O2) undergoing high-temperature chemistry behind strong shock waves.

M-squared frequency doubling cavity and laser system equipment in a lab
M-squared frequency doubling cavity and laser system (left). Secondary M-squared laser system (right)

Sacher Lasertechnik Jaguar

The Sacher laser is a compact, tunable, CW system that can output ultraviolet light between 223–227.5 nm with high modulation rate capabilities, allowing us to measure lineshape, linestrength, and line position parameters for electronic energy transitions. The Sacher laser can modulate at speeds up to 800 Hz, which enables simultaneous temperature and concentration measurements of important molecules in high-temperature air chemistry.

Sacher high-modulation-rate ultraviolet laser system
Sacher high-modulation-rate ultraviolet laser system

Daylight Solutions MIRcat-QT

The MIRcat-QT is a rapid-tuning, broad scan infrared EC-QCL laser system capable of tuning speeds up to 30,000 cm-1/sec. Our MIRcat systems are capable of targeting wavelengths all the way from 3–12 um. The rapid scan speed enables broadband absorption measurements to be completed within the short test times (approx. 3 ms) of a shock tube experiment.

MIRCat equipment

EdgeWave Nd:YAG

The EdgeWave laser is a short pulse, high repetition rate, ultraviolet laser system that outputs high-powered pulses of light near 266 nm. The system has been used for planar laser-induced fluorescence studies, primarily with toluene as a tracer species.

Edgewave laser equipment
EdgeWave laser system used for spark-ignition in flame studies

Coherent MIRA-HP

The MIRA-HP laser is a picosecond pulsed, ultraviolet laser system that can output broadband, coherent light between 211–240 nm. The system has been used to study the dissociation and vibrational relaxation of oxygen at hypersonic conditions.

MIRA laser equipment
MIRA-HP pulsed ultraviolet laser system