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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Pursuing research as a Stanford undergraduate student is a great way to apply classroom knowledge to groundbreaking experimental problems. The Hanson Group often hosts two to three Stanford undergraduate students during the Summer quarter. These students have the opportunity to assist graduate students in their work, including running experiments and analyzing data. The summer time commitment is usually 30-40 hours per week. Students are given an hourly wage in exchange for their services, but of course the most important benefit to working in the group is the experience itself. Exceptional undergraduate students are given the opportunity to continue research in the lab during the academic school year. Time commitments during the school year are much lower (up to 10 hours per week) to allow undergraduates to focus on coursework. No prior experience is necessary to apply.

How To Apply

Interested undergraduates should email Professor Hanson ( to determine if a good fit exists. Making initial contact with Prof. Hanson is always better to do earlier than later.