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Fundamental Kinetics Database Utilizing Shock Tube Measurements

The Fundamental Kinetic Database Utilizing Shock Tube Measurements Database summarizes the published shock tube experimental work performed under the supervision of Prof. Ronald K. Hanson of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University. The database covers the years from 1974 to 2013 inclusively. The database is divided into three types of data: ignition delay times, species time-history measurements, and reaction rate measurements. Volumes are in DOCX format and data tables in the volumes can be easily cut and pasted into separate user spread sheets.

Full versions of the data bases can be found in the FKDUSTM Full Database files.  

For further information regarding our measurements and additionally accessible data files, please contact contacting Dr. David Davidson at

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ShockGas-IR: Stanford High-Temperature and High-Pressure Spectroscopic Database

ShockGas-IR is a database of gas-phase infrared absorption spectra measured at elevated temperatures and pressures. The measurements are performed in the Hanson Research Group shock tube facilities using rapid-tuning, broad-scan lasers to collect quantitative, spectrally-resolved absorption cross section data over a wide wavelength range.

More details regarding the measurement methodology may be found in the following publication:

C.L. Strand, Y. Ding, S.E. Johnson, and R.K. Hanson, Measurement of the mid-infrared absorption spectra of ethylene (C2H4) and other molecules at high temperatures and pressures, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, Volumes 222–223, 2019, Pages 122-129,

For further information regarding our measurements and data files, please contact Dr. Christopher Strand at

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